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"I picked Kinkaku-ji because it's gold and pretty!"


Updated at: 2016.01.26


How do you like Kinkaku-ji?

Oh, I love it. It's beautiful, it's a really beautiful temple. I love the gold on it. I wish there was snow, but that's fine. It's just a beautiful, sacred place. Very magical.

Why did you come to Kinkaku-ji?

When I came to Kyoto, I was, you know, researching what to view on the internet, and I just chose it because it was gold, and pretty. Yeah, that's it.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Oh, I've been to Tokyo, and that's it. Tokyo and here, and then tomorrow, Nara.

Has your family been to Japan before?

Oh yes, my family has been to Japan. My mother and father have been twice. My brother, maybe three times to Japan. And now it's my turn. I love Japan, I think it's amazing. It's beautiful. The people are lovely, the culture's amazing. I wish it was like [this in] Australia. Yeah, beautiful. I love it. And the food is yummy! I'm vegetarian, so it's good to find vegetarian food.

Do you think you'll come back to Japan?

Oh, of course. I will come back to Japan many times.

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