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Information Security Policy


DAY ALIVE Inc, (hereafter referred as “we”) recognizes actions towards information security are one of the significant management challenges in our business activities.
We attend to the protection of customers and company’s information assets, the prevention of security incidents and continuous improvement on information security by establishing Information Security Management System (hereafter referred as “ISMS”) according to “JIS Q 27001:2013”.
To prove worthy of society and customer’s trust, we hereby establish “Information Security Policy” in the below and declare implementation and promotion of the policy.

1. Object of ISMS
(1) We will fulfill corporate social responsibility and realize continuous customer service by preventing information security incidents.
(2) In case of information security incidents, we will minimize the damage, carry out prompt restoration, and prevent similar incidents.

2. Buildup of Information Security System
We will establish information security system and maintain such environment, and continuously enforce and improve ISMS.

3. Security Measures Based on Risk Assessment
We will enforce security measures based on risk assessment and prevent accidents.

4.Education and Training
We will educate and train both directors and employees to raise awareness about information protection and disseminate regulations related to information management.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We comply with the related laws and regulations, and the agreement with the customers. We protect the security of information assets based on company rules.

6. Revision and Continuous Improvement
We will revise and improve Information Security Management System regularly to correspond appropriately with social changes on information security, technological development, and changes in laws and regulations.

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