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Travelers’ Voice of Kyoto has reached 100 Videos (and is still going)!

Travelers’ Voice of Kyoto has reached a milestone! We have released 100 video interviews with foreign tourists to Kyoto.

Our interviewees hail from 31 countries, are of a broad range of ages, and from honeymooners to families to single travelers, include a variety of travel styles.

Some have come to Kyoto to get away from the everyday, while others expressed surprise at a more modern city than they expected. Interviewees shared their thoughts on kimono and cuisine, on the people they’ve met on their journey, and even one daring plan to walk from Kyoto to Tokyo along the historical Nakasendo Way! If nothing else, these conversations reflect the great diversity of Kyoto travelers.

Please enjoy for yourself the stories of these Kyoto travelers!

In addition to the publication of these 100 video interviews, we have collected survey data from each of our interviewees. This data will be transformed into a series of infographics to be published on the site shortly. We asked our participants about who they came to Japan with, what websites they used to research and book their trips, and also about the difficulties they’ve had during their trip. Please look forward to more content on Kyoto travel directly from the source!

Travelers’ Voice of Kyoto is also working to make some new improvements to the site! In addition to Kyoto’s must-visits, we plan to expand our interviews into new areas of Kyoto, and interview visitors about experiences and activities in the city as they occur, and not just on the street. Our Kyoto-based staff are also updating our Facebook page weekly with new content, photos, and unlikely Kyoto information, of which there will be a lot more to come. Follow us on Facebook here:

While Travelers’ Voice will continue sharing the voices of visitors to Kyoto as always, we also hope to provide information that will be useful to local businesses hoping to attract foreign customers.

Eventually, we hope to bring you the voices of travelers to other cities as well!


Please feel free to contact us here with any inquiries about our videos, questionnaire data, or expansion into other cities.

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