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Cultural Surprises in Gion


Updated at: 2015.04.22


How do you like Gion?

I think it's amazing. It has a lot more culture than what we expected to find in Tokyo. We enjoyed walking down this cobble stone streets, getting lost and looking for interesting places. How about you? Same. It's just been really nice and peaceful over here. Really love it.

Have you gone anywhere else in Kyoto?

Not yet. We just arrived here yesterday so we're looking to explore and go out of town to the golden palace in a few minutes. Gion is actually the first place we've been to. Really like it here.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Where did we go in Tokyo? Do you remember? We were out shopping. Tokyo was mainly shopping for us. And we had to go for a wedding, so Togo shrine, That was nice. Catching up with friends... Mainly going around Tokyo and looking around those areas like ○○ and the market, the fish market, which was really really good. Yes. How could I forget. Just walking around, mainly.

You went to a friend's wedding in Tokyo?

It was a really good experience because it was a traditional Japanese ceremony and it was the first for both of us as well. And for me, I found it pleasantly surprising because the whole ceremony was over in 30 minutes, unlike Indian and Chinese weddings that go on forever, right! So, exceptional.

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