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Visiting Gion after a ski trip


Updated at: 2015.10.04


How do you like Gion?

So far it's been beautiful. Yeah, it's really nice; I really like it.

Why did you come to Gion?

Just for a holiday, really. To Kyoto, or to this area? Oh, the Gion area. Well, we'd heard about it, and we heard that it was the last place, um, that this existed, so we thought we'd like to come and have a look.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We have. We've been to Sapporo, and we also went to Niseko, and Hirafu. Hirafu, which is a skiing resort near Niseko, and the north island. So we've traveled around the north island a little bit as well.

How has it been communicating with Japanese people?

Pretty good. A lot of people know how to speak English, which has been pretty helpful. Usually quite easy. If you show them a map or something they'll help you, and some people have been quite forward in assisting [us]. Everyone's been really polite, and yeah, really willing to help, so that's good.

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