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Walking from Gion to Tokyo via the Nakasendo Way


Updated at: 2015.04.22


How do you like Gion?

We love it. We just think it's perfect. We think it's the cutest place ever. Walking the backstreets just, looking at cars possibly be parked in such small spaces. Everyone is so friendly and polite. There's a really great coffee place just up the road. 100% arbica. Amazing. Amazing, you couldn't get better coffee in Melbourne or Sydney. It's just great. It's fantastic.

Where else in Kyoto have you been?

We went to Nijo castle this morning which was fantastic, wakling on the nightingale floors, trying to sneak around. We'd better go for a 7 course lunch in a couple of minutes which we are looking forward to. Some tofu.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We're just about to start a trip doing a walking tour from Kyoto to Tokyo for about 12 days. So we're doing a couple of things beforehand and we are meeting with our group this afternoon.

What will your walking trip be like?

So we are going to walk for 150 km through the Nakasendo Way, couple of train trips and bus trips in between but otherwise, just explore, sort of a, backroads and rural areas. Really looking forward to that.

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