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Gion: Enjoying traditional sights & scenes

from:United Kingdom

Updated at: 2015.04.22


How do you like Gion?

Yeah, it's lovely. It was really nice seeing the geisha walk up and down as well. It's really cool to see.

Where else in Kyoto have you been?

We've been to few of the temples and shrines and they were really, really interesting. I think the scenery is really beautiful. We went to the bamboo walk as well and it was really nice. So different from we've ever seen before.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We've been to Tokyo for about five days. We loved Tokyo. So interesting. So much to see and do. I don’t know, it just seems really bizarre that so much stuff we don’t have in U.K. like the anime and the girls' fashion…… The Harajuku area, we loved.

What do you like most about Japan?

That's really hard. I don't know. Probably, I really liked the temples we've seen because we just don't have them and it's really interesting to learn about the culture and the religion and… I think the food as well, it's amazing.

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