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Gion: Trying on kimono


Updated at: 2015.04.22


How do you like Gion?

It looks touristy. A lot of people are coming here. Us today, [we're] trying on these kimono so I think it's easier to go around because it's for tourists. Not too local and…… And weather is nice. We're fortunate today, after [what I think was] a disastrous one day. Of rain. It's nice.

Where else in Kyoto have you been?

Just here. No, today is actually our first day. First full day in Kyoto. Only for today. Tomorrow, to Tokyo.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We came from Osaka and we went to Nagoya yesterday. We stayed in smaller areas, like towns, our lodging and we travel to big cities. So we get to experience big cities and smaller towns.

How do you like the smaller towns in Japan?

Less crowd, more laid back. Yeah, laid back. And I think friendlier people.

What made you decide to come to Japan?

Firstly, never been here. Secondly, I think it's, we've heard of the places and interesting cities, so we wanted to try it out. See the culture.

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