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Kinkaku-ji: THE place to visit in Kyoto


Updated at: 2015.05.08


How do you like Kinkaku-ji?

It's really nice. We actually thought that there would be a bit more to do inside the Kinkaku-ji. But yeah, it's lovely. It's very recommended. Very impressive. It makes an impression, and the gardens are well kept, and yeah, we would recommend [it to] any visitors. Most touristy, definitely.

Why did you come to Kinkaku-ji?

Our friends were here the day before and said to go, and, you know, I think it's on every webpage, saying, “It's THE place to visit in Kyoto.” And you can light the candle for love and good luck and stuff like that. So we said, yeah, we have to do the charm.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We've been to Tokyo and we also visited Kawaguchiko Lake and... Takayama, Nikko…. Yeah.

What do you like most about Japan?

There are a lot of things, like sushi? It's the best in the world. Yeah, sushi is the best. We like the way even [though] maybe we found that people are not so fluent in English, but they really are trying to help and they’re very, very helpful, and we found it very…. As well when we’re travelling it was still easy to communicate with simple words or stuff like that so we really enjoyed the hospitality of Japanese people. Generally, it's very nice, very clean around. We don't like the smoking in the restaurants. It's good that people cannot smoke in the city [streets], but when you go into the restaurant you wish to have clean air as well.

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