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Fushimi Inari: "We don't have mountains like this in the Netherlands!"


Updated at: 2016.03.05


How do you like Fushimi Inari?

Very good. I really like it. It's very nice. Beautiful. Good day. Nice walk. It's fun.

Why did you come to Fushimi Inari?

The torii gates. That's pretty much it.

Are you enjoying the "old style" here in Kyoto?

Yes, definitely. Compared to Tokyo it's very... a little older, a little more cultural, a little easier going, not as busy--well, Fushimi is busy, but generally speaking, it's just a little quieter. So I like it.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We've been [to] Hiroshima, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Himeji, Tokyo, Nara, Osaka, Kobe, the whole works.

What are your future plans in Japan?

We're going to Kiyomizu, and then the Golden Pavilion after that.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah. Absolutely. It's an amazing experience. Japan on its own is amazing to see, and Kyoto is especially... the whole culture, the history here; it's really cool.

Are there any similarities to Japan and where you're from?

It's so much different from the Netherlands. Um...On first instance [for instance] because it has mountains. And we don't have them in the Netherlands, but also the culture, and the people, and the architecture: everything is so different. So it's really cool to see.

What is your favorite part of Kyoto?

Arashiyama, and then the Temple of the Heavenly Dragon (Tenryu-ji). Yeah. Next to the bamboo grove. It's one of the most amazing places I've seen here.

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