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A bike ride to Fushimi Inari


Updated at: 2016.03.05


How do you like Fushimi Inari?

Oh, it's amazing, yeah. It's actually the first stop after we got off to Kyoto. We rented a bicycle and we came here, and we love it, and we went quite up to--almost to the top, and just came back, yeah. It's very beautiful.

Why did you come to Fushimi Inari?

She was my guide. She said, "I've never been to this place," and I said, "Oh, ok. Let's go there," and, yeah, we just... Yeah, and I mean, if you go on any website talking about Kyoto, they recommend you all to come here and look at the torii, the gates. So yeah, that's why we wanted to come here.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yes, yeah, we came from Tokyo, and we're going to head to Kobe, and also to Kurashiki, and then we're actually gonna go skiing in Nagano. Yeah, so we have quite a few things in front of us.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah, definitely. I think they would love the food, the people are super nice, and of course the sightseeing, too.

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