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A Mt Fuji climber at Kiyomizu-dera


Updated at: 2015.10.04


What do you think of Kiyomizu-dera?

Oh, the temple, it's really impressive. A lot different from places I've visited in Europe, for example. Also, in China. The construction work's ongoing, so not everything is beautiful, but...

Why did you come to Kiyomizu-dera?

A friend from Japan recommended me to visit this temple because it's kind of famous and popular, and "Japan."

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yeah, I started at Mt. Fuji, and I climbed Mt. Fuji, and then I went to Tokyo and stayed there for a couple of days and visited some places around Tokyo, like Yokohama, for example.

What do you like the most about Japan?

Yeah, I really enjoyed climbing Mt. Fuji. I think it's the most impressive thing you can do in Japan, climbing the highest mountain.

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