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Arashiyama: We came for the monkeys and the bamboo grove


Updated at: 2016.01.26


How do you like Arashiyama?

It's beautiful. We've just been up to the monkey park. Great to see the monkeys and just a beautiful view of old Kyoto from up there. It's fantastic, yeah.

Why did you come to Arashiyama?

I came to see the monkey park and the bamboo grove in particular, but I'm loving the river and the views of the city as well.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yeah, we've just been... We started out in Tokyo, for a few days, and went up to Hakuba, to ??, to go skiing for a couple days. This is our second last day in Kyoto, and off to Osaka next.

Has your family been to Japan before?

My mum and dad have been, yes. A few times, actually. They love it, yeah.

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