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Arashiyama: Getting help from strangers with no SIM


Updated at: 2016.02.19


How do you like Arashiyama?

Yeah, it's excellent. Yeah, it's really cool, we just went to the monkey park. It's good.

Why did you come to Arashiyama?

We were looking for the bamboo forest, I think. So yeah. Now we're just walking around, though.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yeah, we started in Osaka, and we're going to loop. So we went Osaka, then we went to a ?? because it's just outside of Kyoto. Then we're going to be here for a couple of days, and then we'll go to another ?? in Tokyo, snowboard, and then back to Osaka. So yeah, should be fun.

What are your future plans in Japan?

Just that. To the snow, Tokyo, um, and then back home, really.

Are there any similarities between Japan and where you're from?

Um... I wouldn't say "similarities," it's a completely different culture. But surprisingly, everyone's really accommodating here. The Japanese people in general are just really, really nice. They go out of their way to--like, the first night, actually, when we were in Osaka, we had no idea where our hotel was, and we didn't have a prepaid SIM yet, so we had no data to look at maps, and um, this Japanese lady came up and helped us out, and if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have found our hotel, so... Yeah, it's been really good.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

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