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Arashiyama: Communicating with photos


Updated at: 2016.02.19


How do you like Arashiyama?

It seems very cultural, which is good so far. We're just walking down the main street, and that's about it, so yeah. Yeah, it seems very touristy.

Why did you come to Arashiyama?

[We] heard of the temples and stuff to look at, so... Yeah, and the bamboo forest isn't too far away. <Have you been to the bamboo forest yet?> Not yet. We're on our way there.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We've only been in Tokyo and out to the Nagano area. Where the snow monkeys are, that was really cool.

What are your future plans in Japan?

I'm going to head out to Niseko and go skiing. That's about it. Yeah, no, I'm going home, while she goes to the ski fields.

How well have you been communicating with Japanese people?

English. (laughs) [It's] really hard. Photos, and usually you just take a photo of the place you want to go, and they usually understand that.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. My family actually recommended here, so that's why I chose this area, but yeah.

Are there any similarities between Japan and where you're from?

Uh, no. Not really. No, it's very different. Very different. (laughs) They drive on the same side of the road, that's about it. So it makes it easy crossing [the street].

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