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Studying sumi-e in Arashiyama


Updated at: 2016.02.19


How do you like Arashiyama?

I like it very much. The bamboo forest is wonderful.

Why did you come to Arashiyama?

To see the bamboo, because I'm into sumi-e, [for] eight years. And so the bamboo is one of the themes that I'm studying. So that's why. Mayu introduced me to the bamboo forest.

Are there any other things in Arashiyama that you'd like to see?

Um, we've seen the bridge, we've seen the bamboo... Now we are getting back to the... to have a sumi-e lesson.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yeah, I've been to Tokyo, and had a wonderful time there, too. On a stroll, I just came and passed some, some sumo wrestlers who were resting out on the street, so it was a wonderful trip until now.

Are there any similarities between Japan and where you're from?

Um... I would say (laughs) Beer in Belgium is the best!

What would you recommend to do in Kyoto?

Everything. It's a wonderful country, such wonderful things to see. Every inch is full of history and full of culture. It's wonderful. I love it.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah, yeah. Because of the big difference between the traditional part and the uptown part. It's just very lively, and wonderful to see. And all the shrines in such a small area--it's wonderful.

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