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Arashiyama: "The culture is really different from Germany"


Updated at: 2016.02.19


How do you like Arashiyama?

It's very pretty. It's really great, yeah, so much nature. So, we're living in Tokyo, so it's really like the opposite of Tokyo. (laughs) From what we see everyday. We went to the monkey park. It's great, it's pretty good.

Why did you come to Arashiyama?

Because I recommended it. (laughs) No, I've been here like...what, two weeks ago with my boyfriend. I'd already been to Kyoto, and then we met in Osaka and came back here. And we've already been here on a sunny day, and we rode bikes, and it was so much fun, so I recommended it and we came back. And we wanted to rent the bikes again.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Yeah, we went to Sapporo in December. Yeah. It was so cold. It was really cold but really cool, nice town.

What did you do in Sapporo?

Sightseeing. Seeing the tourist stuff, I think.

What are your future plans in Japan?

A lot. Yeah, a lot. So, after Kyoto we're going to Kobe, and Hiroshima, and Fukuoka, and we also want to go to South Korea, to Seoul...yeah. And to Himeji, Miyajima, yeah. A lot of plans.

Are there any similarities between Japan and where you're from?

Oh. That's hard. That's a hard question. No, I think it's very different. Like very, very different. Tokyo is quite Westernized compared to other Japanese cities, but... in general it's just completely different. Yeah, the culture is just really different from the German one.

How well have you been communicating with Japanese people?

Here in Kyoto, or in general? In Kyoto, yeah... not that much yet. A bit. We just arrived like two days ago, so...we've done a lot of temple-hopping, kind of, so we didn't really communicate much yet.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Yeah. Of course. Yes, Kyoto's a really, really great town. Yeah, we would recommend it.

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