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Fushimi Inari: Traditional & Modern Mix


Updated at: 2015.05.29


How do you like Fushimi Inari Shrine?

I thought it was very beautiful but it's really far so we had to climb a lot. But the temples are beautiful and the nature as well. So it's not just about the temples, it’s about the nature as well so it was very beautiful. And the bamboo forest? It was really nice. We didn't know that it was so high. We were happy to be up [the] stairs.

Why did you come to Fushimi Inari Shrine?

We just have a map with a lot of temples and they say that it's beautiful. The people from our hotel said it was beautiful. So we decided to visit today. We are in the east of Kyoto, so today we're visiting all the temples in the east of Kyoto.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

Just one night in Tokyo. It was just the beginning of our trip. This is the third day so just the beginning.

What do you like most about Japan?

A lot. It’s totally different. It's really developed but owns customs. It's really traditional and modern at the same time. That's why we like it and I felt that Japan kept its culture a lot. Everything is much different from other countries and we feel that Japanese people kept their tradition and culture. It's not like other countries where everybody is living the same way. So here's really different. That's why we like it.

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