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Nishiki Market: "There's still so many things I haven't done!"


Updated at: 2016.03.05


How do you like Nishiki Market?

Yeah, it's good. It's just... this is our last day here, we're off to Tokyo this afternoon. We were just in Kurama, the onsen, this morning. So we'll race through here, Nishiki Fish Market, head up to Jet Set Records, buy some Japanese music, and get back to our little guesthouse, called Waraku-an, and then jump on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. But yeah, Kyoto's been great; it's been really nice. We started the trip in Hokkaido, visited some friends in Tsuruga Fukui, and then we got here, and this is the really, kind of, Japanese cultural part of the trip, I guess. Tokyo as well, but here is a little bit more kind of older Japanese culture, maybe, you know.

Why did you come to Nishiki Market?

My friend, it was his first time. So... Nishiki Fish Market is like the number one spot I think, and yeah... I missed coming here, we bought some Japanese knife--Japanese steel, very good--here.

Are you the first of your friends or family to come to Japan?

A couple of my friends have been here. My dad would love it, I reckon, and so would my mum. But yeah, it's... Kyoto's a really nice city. Get some bikes, ride around, you know, it's the best way to see the city. Just follow the river, up and down. Buy some food, sit on the river, eat some breakfast. Yeah, it's good.

Would you come back to Kyoto again?

Sure, yeah, there's still things I haven't done here. Too many things, I haven't done many things here, so... I mean, I've done a lot, but there's still many things I haven't done.

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