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Trying foods in Nishiki Market with little Japanese

from:United Kingdom

Updated at: 2016.03.05


How do you like Nishiki Market?

It's really nice. It's intense. There's lots of weird things I've never seen before, so yeah, but it's exciting; it's fun.

What did you find here that you probably wouldn't find in Scotland?

Oh, food on a stick. Yeah. Food, on a stick, yeah. (laughs) There's a little soy... I'm looking out for soymilk donuts that, uh... I don't know where that is; is it back that way, right? Yeah. We missed it. Sorry. We'll have to go back. We'll go on the next visit.

Why did you come to Nishiki Market?

Well, I think he had seen that YouTube clip and had wanted to check it out, so that's why we... Yeah, the YouTube [video] was predominantly what made me come here. 'Cause I probably would never have found this place. There's so much in Kyoto that probably isn't... it's talked about, but not with foreigners. So there's a lot of things that you stumble across. Yeah. Having a bit of Japanese [language ability] is really helpful. Yeah. Just even a tiny bit. We've probably certainly stumbled on more things that we didn't know about than we did know about.

What is your favorite part of Kyoto?

I think everybody's really nice, so that's been good, just to speak with people. Yeah. Everybody seems to have a good laugh, so... it's relaxed. Even though there's a lot of people and it's a bit intense, I think that people are actually quite relaxed for, you know... People are very cooperative here. So I think that cooperative nature just helps the city to move along in a nice way. Yeah, and going along with saying this "relaxed atmosphere": obviously, coming from Tokyo, coming down here, it's like a breath of fresh air. You know, yes, it's busy, but it's a lot less people, and you can manage [getting] around, and the buses are really good, and... We've not really been on the subway as much. We've been on more buses this time. We've got good maps for buses and stuff. So I think that in respect to getting around and being relaxed, it's definitely a big plus down here.

What other plans do you have in Japan?

Unfortunately you got us kind of toward the end of our trip, so... We're heading back on Monday, so yeah, we're just here for the weekend, and then we're heading home. We spent some time by Odawara, which was really nice, just, and Kanagawa Prefecture is beautiful. But I think, actually, there it is more helpful to have more Japanese in that area, because those areas that we stayed in, maybe having some Japanese is more helpful than just trying to get by just in English. Little bit easier down here with less [Japanese], certainly for me. For her, she's got, you know, she's got some language skills. Down here I could just probably scrape by, but certainly once you hit the outer suburbs, I think you'd be struggling.

Would you recommend Kyoto to your friends and family?

Definitely, definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt, yeah. Definitely, to have a bit of sesame seed ice cream. That is a must. (laughs)

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