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Enjoying fried food in Nishiki Market


Updated at: 2015.07.14


How do you like Nishiki Market?

It's just great! I just ate some great food, some fried stuff, wow. Very good.

Why did you decide to come to Nishiki Market?

Actually, we're staying here, we just arrived in Kyoto and we're staying nearby. We looked up on the Google application that shows things that around where you are and it recommended this.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We're coming from Tokyo. Mt. Fuij, fantastic.

What made you decide to come to Japan?

I'm not sure. She decided to come to Japan. I decided to come to Japan. I've always wanted to visit the palaces in Kyoto, the pagodas, because I've heard that depending on how you step on some pagodas, depending on how you step, it makes like a sound of little birds so that people who live there would know who was home because of that. So I was really curious about that and also because we are from a city, Sao Paulo in Brazil, that has the greatest, biggest Japanese community outside of Japan, so it's something close to us. I've always wanted to see big incredible gardens and all of that. That's it!

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