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Nishiki Market: Searching for veggie sushi

from:United States

Updated at: 2015.07.14


How do you like Nishiki Market?

We're vegetarian so we like everything that's vegetarian but a lot of it is hard to walk through.

Why did you come to Nishiki Market?

So my sister is studying abroad in Kyoto so they're at school now. We… I have a guidebook and this is one of the places we are supposed to see, so we came here.

Have you been anywhere else in Japan?

We're planning to go to Tokyo, hopefully and we're going to Osaka tomorrow. And maybe Mt.Fuji but so far we've only been to Kyoto.

Being vegetarian, has it been difficult finding food you can eat?

Yeah, last night, we had Indian food and we found a vegan restaurant yesterday, but I love vegetarian sushi so I was excited to have that here but I have not been able to find it anywhere. That's the hard part.

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